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Sustainability and Energy

Our multidisciplinary team helps our clients navigate a complex sustainability and energy landscape and unlock opportunities to reduce cost, create brand value, and mitigate risk across the value chain, ultimately building more resilient organizations that can thrive in a changing global market. Our breadth of technical expertise in sustainable energy, greenhouse gas (GHG) and resource management, sustainable products and supply chain, sustainability strategy, and climate preparedness allows us to be responsive to client needs across sectors and geographies.


We help our clients:

  • Assess opportunity
  • Identify risk
  • Develop strategies
  • Create solutions
  • Measure and verify progress
  • Disclose performance

We work with organizations of all sizes to advance the sustainability and energy agenda and create business value. Our clients include market leaders looking to enhance their efforts, educational institutions planning for the future, government agencies seeking technical guidance, and smaller organizations looking to establish their sustainability credentials. We understand the regulatory environment and the evolving demands of stakeholders, and can help provide context for your organization as you leverage sustainability for the best outcomes. 

Our sustainability and energy specialists provide expertise across five primary offerings:

  • Sustainability Strategy: Developing strategies and programs that enable ongoing cost savings, product and service innovation, enhanced recruiting and retention, and improved relationships with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders
  • GHG and Resource Management: Quantifying and reporting GHG emissions and other resource impacts, establishing meaningful goals and targets, and identifying, evaluating, and implementing cost-effective means to achieve reductions
  • Sustainable Energy: Assessing the technical and financial feasibility of the full spectrum of renewable energy technologies to support investment decisions and designing, implementing, and managing comprehensive energy management programs
  • Climate Preparedness:  Identifying  assets at risk and quantifying potential impacts to develop remediation plans that are practical to implement and target finite resources at the most critical vulnerabilities

Our reputation is built on technical expertise and a pragmatic approach that enable financial success; our team includes leaders in their fields of expertise and we pride ourselves in collaborating with our clients to address the sustainability and energy challenges they face.



Evan A. Evans
Evan A. Evans Director of Sustainability Services
+1-720-974-0250 x 305
Michael Mondshine
Michael Mondshine Vice President, Sustainability and Energy