Future Ready

Future Ready acknowledges that our collective future will be different from today, particularly in the areas of resources, climate change, society and technology, and organizes our client-facing efforts so that our designs and advice are not only appropriate for today’s reality, but also ready for the future.


Future Ready is an innovative, client-facing program that was launched by our U.K. business in 2014. The program enables our experts to serve our clients in new ways, helping them prepare for future realities of increasing energy prices, more severe weather events, growing urban populations, and prioritizing connectivity and flexibility, among many other factors.

While we will continue to adapt our own business to become more future-ready, feedback from our clients and our stakeholders has indicated that perhaps the greatest benefit we can provide is in the work we do with our clients. While these benefits are admittedly indirect, combined across projects, clients, regions, and businesses, they have extraordinary potential. We are proud of the designs and advice we provide across the globe, and how we are supporting the world’s leading organizations prepare for the future.