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Våra bloggar


Här bloggar några av WSPs konsulter om projekt de jobbar med samt nyheter och aktuella frågor inom deras respektive område.


WSPs internationella karriärutvecklingsprogram, European Taskforce, är ett program för unga lovande medarbetare mellan 20 och 34 år. Gruppen får varje år ett uppdrag från ledningsgruppen att belysa en viktig fråga ur olika synvinklar, i år handlar det om globalisering. Här får du del av deras insikter under resans gång.

  • "+It’s all about passion+" corner
    12 december, 2016

    It’s all about passion

    Some weeks ago Early Career Professionals Day (ECP day) was arranged at WSP offices worldwide. ECP day is a day were young employees get the opportunity to learn more about the company and differen...

  • "+Companies Don’t Go Global, People Do+" corner
    14 november, 2016

    Companies Don’t Go Global, People Do

    Until a couple of years ago, we worked in an organization that was largely local. A time before WSP merged with Genivar and Parsons Brinckerhoff. And becoming a true global player was a strategic g...

  • "+How “global” are you?+" corner
    9 november, 2016

    How “global” are you?

    A majority of senior executives believe their organizations need to develop global-leadership capabilities, but only a few percent think they are currently doing so very effectively (1). And some 3...

  • "+The New Generation +" corner
    5 oktober, 2016

    The New Generation

    There are at least three generations on the job market today. Bringing these generations together and working in unison can be a challenge due to different values, upbringing and technical skills. ...

  • "+The advantages and disadvantages of a global company+" corner
    22 september, 2016

    The advantages and disadvantages of a global company

    Global competition is becoming tougher and more complicated than ever. Over the past 30 years, sharp decline in communication and transportation costs and the reduction of trade barriers have resha...

  • "+Globalisation and Sport+" corner
    12 augusti, 2016

    Globalisation and Sport

    Normally you associate the term of Globalisation with economy or sociology. But you also find globalisation in the field of sports. Since 1896 the Olympic Games take place all over the world. Glo...

  • "+Is the cup half empty or half full or does it really matter?+" corner
    28 juni, 2016

    Is the cup half empty or half full or does it really matter?

    Many people say that working as consultant, as we all are in WSP, is much comparable to sports. I can´t disagree: team spirit, annual game plan and hard work are things that definitely play a big r...

  • "+Globalisation – It’s not a new phenomenon+" corner
    20 juni, 2016

    Globalisation – It’s not a new phenomenon

    Today globalisation is omnipresent. When you look at the news you will be reminded of TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) between the European Union and USA. Globalisation is on t...

  • "+International business needs talent+" corner
    8 juni, 2016

    International business needs talent

    One key factor for successful international business is the people involved. The global talent market is changing, just like the global economy. Global companies should foster local talents and act...

  • "+So vastly huge but yet so tiny +" corner
    23 maj, 2016

    So vastly huge but yet so tiny

    The world is so vastly huge but yet so tiny at the same time. It’s huge in the way that possibilities are endless and tiny in the way that nothing seems out of reach. Of course depending on whom y...

  • "+Megatrends – Gamechangers that will shape our future +" corner
    17 maj, 2016

    Megatrends – Gamechangers that will shape our future

    We live in a world in constant motion. Goods, capital and labor are traveling globally at a faster pace than ever. Technological innovation is rewriting every industry and the way in which human be...

  • "+Globalization <3 Digitalization +" corner
    18 april, 2016

    Globalization <3 Digitalization

    Globalization has traditionally been about trade, finance and people. But if you look at the globalization of today you can see that those traditional flows have lost momentum. Today there is a ne...

  • "+No time for dinner!+" corner
    4 april, 2016

    No time for dinner!

    During my master studies I remember a lecturer talked about globalisation. He told us about him making dinner for his 15 year old son who was in his room on the second floor in the house. The lectu...

  • "+WSP Rocks+" corner
    17 mars, 2016

    WSP Rocks

    I joined WSP in 2012. The reason for WSP to be on the top of my list among employers was because it was international. I saw potential for a market other competitors couldn’t offer in the same way.

  • "+European Taskforce 2016+" corner
    16 mars, 2016

    European Taskforce 2016

    Hereby I would like to present the members of European Taskforce 2016. We are 13 members from Sweden, Germany, Finland and Norway. My name is Rebecca and I will be the chairman during 2016. Except ...