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Nordic Taskforce


WSPs internationella karriärutvecklingsprogram, Nordic Taskforce, är ett program för unga lovande medarbetare mellan 20 och 34 år. Gruppen får varje år ett uppdrag från ledningsgruppen att belysa en viktig fråga ur olika synvinklar, i år handlar det om hur WSP ska nå målet att bli branschledande i att leverera stora, komplexa, multidisciplinära projekt. Här får du del av gruppens insikter under resans gång.


Visit in London

25 september, 2017

After some well-needed vacation, the Nordic Taskforce are back together again and this time we visited the WSP office at 70 Chancery Lane, London.


Jumpstarting our minds we went straight to reminding ourselves of where we are with our strategic task of investigating how WSP can become the industry leader of delivering large, complex, multidisciplinary projects (MDP). We got the chance to receive new perspectives on this matter from accredited profiles within our company: Chairman - Chris Cole, Head of Management Support - Chris Hayter and Global Director of Property and Buildings - Tom Smith. We also had the great opportunity to share experiences with some of our fellow Taskforce members from the UK and were joined by our facilitator from ODD Agency, Mikkel Seiling.

While the level of confusion was tangible in the beginning of the meeting, regarding what direction our task work is actually taking, we finished the meeting feeling refocused. Reconnecting with the group and the competence and experience that our guest participants brought to the table proved to be as valuable as we had hoped. 

During our sit-down group session with Chris Cole, we got first-hand information about how WSP was founded. It is an inspiring story! Some aspects that were pinpointed as important for MDPs during the conversation were cultural engagement and leadership, as well as seeing the different struggles for projects of different sizes. With Tom Smith and Chris Hayter, accompanied by our facilitator Mikkel Seiling, we went through a speed-discussion session. They gave feedback on the main concepts we have been focusing on related to the task. How is the revenue stream affected by our suggestions and the importance of building supporting procedures for MDPs, and that we need to stay aligned with the original needs we discovered during the baseline. This was just some of the valuable feedback we received to continue to develop our solution. 

For the UK Taskforce, this year’s strategic task is to investigate the future of consultancy in 2030, while they also have operational tasks to develop an online platform with information for Early Career Professionals (ECP). Sharing the material that both groups have produced so far as well as the experience of being a part of Taskforce, proved to be very rewarding. David and Deepa from the UK Taskforce later joined us for treasure hunt, dinner and a visit to the Sky Garden with great views over London. 

Although the strategic task takes up the main part of the time during our meetings, we also make room for personal development and training with Mikkel Seiling. We continued with our training to develop our presentation skills and started looking at how we can develop our leadership skills. As a final addition, Tom Smith popped by and shared what he finds to be some of the key attributes in a good leader in his current role: cultural intelligence, strive to inspire and being available to the team.

Next up for our task work is to continue to dig deeper and test the knowledge and ideas we have put together, and present it to each other in Gothenburg on the 12th – 14th of October. Do not forget to follow our exiting journey on Instagram @lifeatWSP and other social media #wsptaskforce. Also, for our co-workers under the age of 35 in the Nordics, keep a lookout for information to come about the ECP-day that will take place on November 16th